Experimenting the best ways to drive traffic to the website for over two weeks, I thought at this stage to drop a blog post comparing and highlighting the differences between SEO and SMO. These two terms – for bloggers and webmasters – have gotten very popular these days and are both utilised to increase the number of visitors to a website.


What is SEO?

The term SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and can be described as a number of different methods and strategies that aim to improve the ranking of a website in a search engine (such as Google or Yahoo): most people who use search engines do not click through pages, they usually limit themselves to the first page. SEO, taking into consideration how search engines work, what is the targeted audience of the search engine, what people search for, selects and uses specific keywords, optimizing content and is all evaluated via an algorithm.

What is SMO?

The term SMO stands for “social media optimization”, although is usually considered as a part of SEO is a completely different task: SMO drives traffic to your website via interactive online communities. This includes Social Media (such as Facebook, Twitter o Instagram) and also blogs, forums or any kind of web-based community. Utilising SMO on a website essentially means that the content on it should be optimized ad made easily shareable on social media. This may be achieved by incorporating social media buttons, widgets, etc.

 Which one should we choose?

SEO, allowing your site to remain high in search engine results, involves a strategic “self-promotion” of it, being mostly about one-way interaction; on the other hand, SMO is about two-way interactions, let your existing fans and “promoting” for you using the power of social shares and allows you to connect with audience on a personal level.

However, an important factor for both SEO and SMO is quality content: engaging, informative, original content is valued both by search engines and real-life audience.


It is hard for me defining which one may be more efficient. Indeed, they support one another. Whether you choose to focus on your overall SEO campaign results or to focus more on SMO may depend on your current goals (SEO increases your search engine rankings and brings you more success in the long run while SMO can bring you a large influx of audience in a short span) but both of them – co-existing –  play a major role in your website visibility.





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