#lovebournville Social Media Campaign

On Tuesday 28th November, we planned with our tutor a visit to Bournville Village. We spent the day photographing and exploring the area, using the hashtag #lovebournville on social media.


Before the visit we created a very short article “Exploring Beautiful Bournville” to let the residents know what we’re doing and asking them to join in too, either by posting their own content to social media, using the same hashtag, or by suggesting which of Bournville’s place that they taught was worth to be visited. The aim was to draw as much attention as we could as well as get people involved.


As part of our #lovebournville campaign, we met residents and small businesses owners. We managed to generate a lot of content across all three platforms: a group of us worked on the “live” content (such as the Instagram story), while other kept the content and published them in the following few days. We thought was a better idea to spread them for two main reasons: allow us to run the campaign for more than one day, and avoid to “overwhelm” our audience with a huge amount of content.



After 72 hours, the contents generated had impressive results over all three platforms, however, considering the huge quantity of content created, I am going to share below only the general overview of the Facebook posts to give you a general idea.

Bournville campaign

In the screenshot above there is all the data from the 28th November to the 1st December. The yellow shows the quantity reached, the purple shows the post clicks and the magenta show the overall reactions, comment and shares. I personally choose to see the data in this way but the Facebook insight tools allow to see much more (e.g. engagement rate, non-fans reached).

As you can see all the posts published during the campaign did quite well, but we had an “outstanding” one that had 4.7K Reach and over 850 Post clicks.



Although it wasn’t a factor that we thought through at the time of our visit, I wonder if the period we ran the campaign (just before Christmas) played a part in its success. I truly believe it was a great advantage, considering the period as one of the most exciting of the year.

Overall the experiment proved that the right combination of content, along with the right picture, can increase your impressions, reach and community engagement.  I would be curious to run another campaign in January and see what may be the differences and confirm what I affirmed above.

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