Final reflections

In this portfolio, I provided an overview of the critical and theoretical analysis of social media.

Although at the beginning I was a little sceptical about how culture and practice could have a real connection, I changed my mind while I was experimenting. An example is the amount of social capital and how it is important: while the Facebook and Twitter pages were already active with several followers and likes (and therefore with a social capital already well established), the Instagram account, created only a few weeks ago, does not have a large amount and consequently I got to see (by google analytics) that Facebook and Twitter dragged more audience on the website, while Instagram did not. In order to increase the social capital on the account, we necessarily need to: use relatable hashtags making sure to use the hashtag with a large following, and interact more following people back, commenting their work to build stronger relationships.

Overall the module offered me the opportunity to learn a lot, it was really valuable for my professional development. In fact, I am going to use all the learning for a project I will start next year with my partner as “Social Media Manager” for his account.



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